50 Abisi Dodo Club House

Each Dodo group has a ritual Club House, the Dodo room /udᴈ dodo/.
Generally placed slightly away from the other houses, it is identified by an embossed depiction of the Dodo kneaded in clay on the outside wall, near the front door and guards access.

Dodo accessories

Inside, near the door, a raised chair is reserved for the head of the Dodo local group.
There is a fireplace at the center and near the wall, benches to sit and an earth bed.
Abisi heated bed
This kind of bed is usually covered with goat skins.
It can be heated by embers put under through the small door for a comfortable night during humid times.
In this picture, it is used to dry grains in a roofless room.
The room also contains the ritual objects used for the ceremonies: the suits and masks, drums, bullroarer, whistles, bows and arrows, knives and various pots.
The bullroarer is called /azurfa/, it is made with a big sorghum stalk cut out by two long side windows with a short vibrator stick insert.
The instrument is manipulated by a yard-long cord and swung in a circle .
It can give deep low sounds heard from far away or modulations as if it was talking and moving inside the Club House.
The bullroarer is called the “wife” of another instrument, the /ibid/, also used to communicate a high tone.
Dodo High Voice
It is a wind instrument made of a foot long reed with one end covered with a spider’s web membrane fixed with saliva and which is blown by a lateral slot.
These instruments are used to communicate the dodo’s intentions that an interpreter translates into human speech.
There is also a Kazoo like a whistle, /isuruwa adodo/, a triangular piece of wood about 3 inches with two holes used to call the Dodo.
Dodo flute

Dodo Offices

Each Dodo youth group is capped with a hierarchy of positions whose titles are borrowed from Hausa administration.
1) Dodo head is Mogaji;
2) Dodo assistant is Madauchi.
3) Dodo dancer is Ugurza.
4) Dodo officer is Dan Doka called Dankali.
5) Dodo fireman is Sarkin Wuta.
6) Dodo drummer is Madaki.
Dodo women have a Sarkin mata (chief of women), a Zabia assistant and a dancer called /uko dodo/, the “dodo’s wife.”
Women organize choirs and compose chants asking the Ugurza spirit to appear, encouraging him to dance well or praise him by telling stories of Dodo related events.
They receive gifts from other non-initiated women spectators.
These officials are chosen by the members and their function are to organize ceremonies: they determine the best day for a meeting, invite dancers from other Dodo clubs in or outside Abisi, they get beer and food for the occasion.
The “policeman” must guard the entrance of the Club House so that no uninvited persons comes in, especially children.
The “firefighter” protects the house against fire because there have been occasions in the past when some had been burned down by opponents to the Dodo clubs.
The climax of the dodo organization is the Ugurza coming out.

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