44 Pege’s Ribam Woman

WomenGirl’s dress in Pege’s time: clean shiny leaves in the back and front.
Courting foreign women is not easy. It tells about Pege the cultural hero who went to Ribam to court a girl.

Usare Pege namuai eye

Song about Pege’s girl .

  • Gedit ari ma? 
  • Who will he choose?
  • Indi lep Mungu, ayi na me edi.I ask Mungu, come with me to the funeral dance
  • Inda iyi e i edi mome?
  • To go with you at ume people dance ?
  • Mida ma enus ba!
  • I am not a ground spirit!
  • Indi lep iyane dadi neb ri ma.
  • I am telling you, this will be our last rainy season !
  • Indi lep in inda musak muye
  • I am sayin, we must tell our house master
  • Indi lep adam i e do: sada a mi e de mome.
  • I am saying, they are going to emu dance
  • Pege daren nuyiko.
  • Pege enters proudly
  • Aren ataki i e da Pege, doye ki-Mungu.
  • As soon he is inside, pege start to dance and tells Mungu.
  • E-Mungo indiba Wuta *
  • Mungo, take this fire ( words of provocation )
  • E-wutan gudi dadadi kamu
  • The Gudi tree burns fast ( a tree that fire fast during dry seasons )
  • Gema fura * Wutaye *
  • He lights (womens) fire fast).
  • Wuta da e kagikgik.
  • Fire takes fast and strong
  • A zauna * akai * wutaye *
  • He sits on the fire
  • Kafin * adzima * indatoro udoyi *
  • Soon he smells an odor
  • Wannan *doyi * yafitoaina
  • Where does this odor comes from ?
  • Indi lep Pege a banibani, Pege da tosi.
  • Pege is well cooked , Pege is rosted
  • Kafin * ad ina * indatoro suruku.
  • Soon he smells a bad odor
  • Udan uyiku ud amta uyiko.
  • You looked for trouble you found trouble
  • Usok ume nuyiko.
  • Meeting ume is a lot of trouble
The song continues and all others Ribam sections are named.
*: Hausa words
This song reveals that Abisi men can try to flirt with Ribam girls during interethnic meetings but the risk to be killed or bewitched was great.
Ribam are thought to be powerful sorcerers.
People from Barbak Ribam section are known for their enus spirits.
This is why, when an Abisi man goes to visit them, he brings two walking sticks to deceive them. He hides one outside the house and goes in with the other.
When leaving, he simply has to pretend a private need to isolate and recover the hidden stick.
The Ribam, put in trust with the stick left in the house, won’t cast their sickness spells against visitors they believe close to their house.
Sarkin Ribam had recently convened its citizens to convince them not to tolerate any Abisi men into their home, claiming they prevent reciprocity by demonizing the Ribam in the eyes of their sisters with these accusations of witchcraft.

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